Easy DIY School Supply Crafts

I’m always looking for ways to have fun with the kids and making crafts is a great way for us to spend time together and make fun things.  We are always looking at Youtube for great ideas.  One of our favorite DIY crafters on Youtube is KimspiredDIY. She has a family friendly channel and make unique and easy diy craft projects.  With over 600,000 subscribers she is on her way to 1 million soon and we will be with her all the way.

Her most recent project was 10 DIY School Supplies using makeup products.  It was so cool and creative & my daughter was asking if we could make them ASAP.  Some of the great ideas she had in this video were: Nail file highlighter -she literally turned a nile file into a highlighter – how cool is that? Then nail polish glue and eraser – perfect to along with her nail polish pens she did awhile ago. Eyeshadow notepad and it is even real eyeshadow, nail file pencil, eyeliner pen, makeup brush bookmark and so much more.  Most of the things you can make with supplies you may have at home.

If you haven’t seen her channel you should check it out.  I love that she doesn’t follow the mold of lots of other Youtubers and constantly make slime. Slime is fun and all but ever other video it gets old.  She does have a few slime videos but she always puts a fun twist on it. You can always find something unique – lots of school supplies, phone cases and so much more.  My daughter loves watching her videos and she especially loves when she replies to her comments. Which she does almost all the time – I can only imagine how time consuming that must be but it truly does mean something to people that support her channel.  She is one of a kind and I highly recommend her to everyone.